Burn Fat – 5 Easy Tips

You have tried everything to burn fat. Exercise more. Restrict calories. Tried all the shakes. Ate air for a whole week. What do you have to do to burn that fat? You have tried everything under the Sun. But have you stuck to one idea? Like, properly stuck to a plan. Not just a fad that comes and goes. Like, actually just eating healthy, then every couple of weeks tweak it and see what happens.

It also goes both ways though. Eating so well and the progress has continued for so long that all of a sudden it halts. Nothing. The scales haven’t moved and the body doesn’t look any different. Again, it’s time to tweak and adjust.

Gone Stagnant

When burning fat has all of a sudden stopped

The dreaded plateau is inevitable. “I just want to lose that last bit around my belly”. You have done so well, consistent and dedicated to the cause that you deserve the results. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Once you hit that wall, nip it in the butt. It probably means that it’s time for a cheat meal or even a good week or two off of the meal plan all together.

Focus on the long term goal, go off the plan for a little to shock the body. Jump start that metabolism and kick it back into gear. Reignite that fire and burn that fat.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Burn fat with a clear plan so you have control

You do eat good. Everything you put in your body IS healthy. That’s true but you need to consider that good foods can also contain a decent amount of calories. Especially when it comes to fats, you can knock out a few daily targets with one bite. Fats are made up of more than double of the calories of a protein and carbohydrates.

Choose your energy sources for your exercise levels and adjust to what suits you. Play with how much protein, carbs and fats you consume each day and go by how you feel and look. You could always go the extreme route and measure everything too, like using an app on your phone, My FitnessPal is a good example.

Enjoying Your Weekends Too Much

Overindulging on the weekend is obviously not going to burn fat

You’ve done well this week and you deserve a break. This is true. The trick here is to not go overboard though and have a little self discipline. Go out for that dinner and have a few drinks. Remember though you have goals. Goals that require you to restrict those binges.

Drive it you plan not to drink. Read the menu before you go and choose your meal.

Lift More, Burn More

Build more muscle to burn more fat throughout the day

Your first thing you want do is burn calories through cardio. Cool. This is true, cardio training will burn those excess calories. Cardio though, will build your cardiovascular system, your endurance and stamina. All exercise burns calories. You have to decide how you want to burn them and what you want from your training. Weights will burn just as many as running but will shape your body and improve your overall strength.

Combine both, maybe do a short warm up on the treadmill, hit the weights for 45 minutes and finish up in the cardio area again but for 30 minutes at a decent intensity. Both styles combined together will speed up your progress.

You’re Doing Too Much

Would you rather burn fat or burn out?

Lift heavier, rest less, go harder. Do it. Doing all of this though, means that you have to recover better too. What goes up must come down. Same concept. What you put out, you have to put back in. Working hard in the gym will burn the excess body fat so just be happy with that. Like I said previously, it’s a marathon. You can train again tomorrow.

Restrict your time in the gym and just fit more in. Spend that extra hour or so recovering, eating and sleeping. In this case, you can have too much of a good thing.

Change It Up

Go try a fad, see how it works but stick to it and make it your own. They are all derived from traditional meal plans anyway, they are just the extremes. Create your meal plan and try adjusting it with these ideas. See what happens. You are going to at least learn a lot about your own body, how it responds and works.

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