Motivation, Movement and Momentum

Today, M needs to be your favouritest letter of the alphabet. These three M’s will guide you through your days and workouts. You can’t have one without the other. Motivation will get you moving and you will gain momentum. Easy.

Find Your Desire

Finding motivation is always hard. Once you find it though, you start moving and gain momentum, the cycle goes full circle. Now the motivation becomes easier as it comes around again, whether it be the next day or the next road block.

To start finding that motivation you will need to set clear and concise goals. Make them achievable. Make them easy to break down into smaller daily goals and regularly remind yourself of the reasons why you have them. 


Nothing happens without action. Start moving. A car doesn’t gather speed without the engine starting and all of the components moving, in sync and on time. Sure, as human beings, we are a hell of a lot more complicated than a car, or any machine for that matter but the fundamentals are there. We can’t function properly without movement. We won’t get from A to B without moving.

Keep Moving Forward

Now, the little motivation you have gathered and added some simple actions, you should now start to see and reap the benefits. This is the beginning of momentum. Now take it. Take it and go. Go full steam ahead. Keep moving forward and don’t look back. You have that momentum, which you should gather even more motivation, you now have double the motivation. Soon enough you only think and move forward. The future is your only thought.

Be Aware

While this is all well and good, crushing goals and taking numbers, be sure to embrace the victorious moments and share them with those around you. The game of achieving will affect those close to you. Focusing intensely on goals will require sacrifice. Make sacrifices but be aware that there is always a consequence.

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