Holiday Eating Overhaul

It’s nearing the end of the year. There’s school holidays, Christmas and New Years, which means –  HOLIDAY EATING. Yay! Or maybe not so much for some. It’s great to catch up with friends and family. The problem can be though, that it’s usually around a dinner table. Then the pub. Then the backyard for a barbie. It can feel like for two weeks straight that it is non stop eating.

Holiday Eating Guilts

As lunch at Mum and Dad’s approaches you’re now considering faking gastro so you don’t have to go and consume your bodyweight in delicious goodness. You’re scared to undo all the hard work you have put in over the last 12 months since your last food coma. And you know you are expected at Nan’s for dinner too. This is becoming too hard. Aaargh! All the crew from work want to do a last hoorah to send off the year. You feel obligated to do all of these and now all your besties want to go on a bender. How will you survive December? Find a cave and hibernate? Fake your death? Both very tempting ideas.

Don’t feel guilty. You’re not actually obliged to attend any of these events. They’re all nice things to do. Hmmmm… or you could go to all of them, catch up, have a good time and just have some self control. Have only the one or two drinks with friends. Skip dessert. Avoid having seconds. That’s the spirit! Enjoy yourself! Now you have thought about it so much you don’t know what to do. 

Stay On Track

In all reality, if you have honestly been quite dedicated all year, a couple of weeks of distraction won’t hurt. It could actually be quite beneficial. Regimental Reggie can have a break for once. Here’s the trick though, do all the catch ups, the glass wine and slice of cake. Just get straight back on track the next day. Go for a hike. Hell, you could probably drag one or two of the party goers from the night before up the hill too. Just remember what the big picture is and stay on track. 

Let’s not lie to ourselves either. It’s not like these gatherings are all of a sudden. This is the same as every year you have been alive… and for many years before you. Plan your December and early January. If you eat well every day, use it as your holiday eating cheat day. If you know what you’re doing, a 24 hour or more fast could do you wonders. Use the excessive carbs to your advantage and hit the weights for some crazy pumps. Like I said, the extra energy would be great for a nice long hike. Just stay on track. You can’t put on that much fat on in two weeks as long as get back to it. If you do, you will just have to burn it off.

No Need To Overhaul

If you do your holiday eating right you will have no need for any type of overhaul. Enjoy every moment and make the most of it, otherwise, you will have to wait another 12 months to wait. But like for many others it is that last binge before your new years’ resolutions, which is usually hitting the gym anyway.

Enjoy yourself this end of 2018, set new goals for next year and stay focused.

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