More Than Putting Your Weights Away

How annoying is it when you’re about to head to your next exercise and the bar is still fully loaded with no one in sight? Worst. How about going to the weight rack and none of the weights are in the right place, let alone the weights you actually need, which are nowhere to be…

Believe In A Good Plan

There’s a lot of sayings that you have probably heard before, “Trust the process” or “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. They all ring true. Have you tried a new diet, a workout routine or even start your day without a solid plan? If everything doesn’t happen in sequential order things fall apart….

Squat For A Better Bod

There is always the classic joke about the guy in the gym with the skinny legs and amazing upper body physique. People in the corner whispering about the upside down triangle strutting around the the cable crossovers.

Get Lazy

Sleep is a part of our every day lives. It’s a natural bodily function. Work hard, become tired and need rest.