Membership Terms & Conditions

Direct Debit Membership

Term Agreement

12 months for fixed term agreement but 1 month for supply period for periodic agreements.

If our club is open, the date you sign this agreement is that day your membership starts. The Direct Debit date may vary as our direct debit company Pay Smart run on a fortnightly direct debit basis, therefore your first direct debit date may be different to your membership start date.

End date will be 12 months from start date on a 12 month DD/Upfront, 6 months from start date on a 6 month DD/Upfront, 30 days from notice on a no contract agreement.

Cancellation Fees

6 or 12 Month Agreements: To pay out full amount owing on membership unless alternate price is agreed upon with management or transfer to someone else for $50 fee.

Any contracts not finalised or bank authority removed are forwarded on to debt collection agency.

No Contract Agreement: 30 days notice (2 direct debits)

Other Fees

Billers Administration Fee: $15.00
Freeze Fee: Direct Debit $10.50 p/w For agreed period
Pro Rata Fee (if applicable): $
Weights left on floor or on machinery Fee: $1.00 per Kilo